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the artist

Tom Lin
Hometown: Ridgewood, New York

Year of Birth: 1980
Zodiac: Monkey
Ethnicity: American, Chinese
Current Occupation: Textile Designer

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Art Training:

Father is an artist


Graphics and Patterns

Favorite artists:

No one in particular

Turn On’s:

Wavy hair, fishnet stockings and corsets.

Turn Off’s:

terrible shoes and OCDness

Last Meal on Earth:

Black miso ramen and a giant steak

What would you say is your chief characteristic?

Indifference, because it doesn't really matter (with few exceptions) what I do, as long as the company is good.

What is your “community?”

I don't do community. I am myself and my select friends.

What inspires you?

Random visuals.

When did you know you were going to be an artist?

Since birth, it was just an innate thing, passed down by my father.

Where can people find you? I'm also on facebook.

What’s next?

Getting back to work because I really shouldn't be filling this out at the studio.

Anything else?

The tears of sad little robots are the sustenance of my soul, and it should be yours too.

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designs by the artist

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Japan Tsunami 2011 Shirt
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